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Entrepreneurship is a fundamental value for the Heynderickx family, which is why we presently maintain direct investments in several companies.

Our current objective is to consolidate these investments in firms operating within the PropTech and Smartliving sectors, aiming to foster synergies among our various holdings.

We aim to support companies that prioritize a vision of change towards significant ecological and economic impact.

We have directed our indirect investment strategy towards supporting various investment funds, diversifying their nature to include venture capital, buyout funds, and secondaries.

Although we do not specify the sector of activity within this context, we place significant emphasis on ESG criteria and labels such as Bcorp, BREAAM, among others, as well as the financial performance of the funds.

Primarily, our investments are focused on funds that comply with Article 8 of the SFDR.

In terms of investment, our real estate strategy is centered on mixed-use assets in prime locations with AAA/AA ratings. While our portfolio predominantly comprises retail properties, we are progressively expanding into residential and office spaces.

Our approach is straightforward: acquire income-generating assets with potential for enhancement, whether through additional housing capacity, improved quality of life, or enhanced Building Energy Performance (PEB).

Presently, our portfolio consists of 84 properties spanning three countries: Belgium, Hungary, and Romania. The family's aim is to continue diversifying by acquiring expertise in property development..