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The family's entrepreneurial legacy commenced over 110 years ago in the retail sector, tracing its roots back to the Delhaize family and Louis Delhaize Group.

In a strategic move, Jean-Marc Heynderickx opted to divest his interest in the family enterprise and establish his own family office in 2010.

This marked the complete realization of the Nextgen concept, aimed at ensuring the enduring prosperity of the company across generations by deploying its capital into diverse impact assets.

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Since 2021, a new generation has joined the Group with a clear vision for the future:

  • Accelerating the renovation of our property assets to enhance their energy efficiency.
  • Supporting companies operating in the PropTech and Smartliving sectors.
  • Investing in impact investment funds compliant with SFDR regulations, specifically categorized under articles 8 and 9

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The core values that embody the essence of the Family include family unity ("a united and supportive family"), discretion, communication, trust, and commitment.

These values hold significant importance, especially in the transmission of family heritage, and they serve as a source of pride. Upholding these values enables us to progress with greater tranquility.

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Committed to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investment and real estate, we prioritize generating positive returns, especially in the realms of societal, ecological, and governance aspects :

  • In the real estate sphere, our goal is to attain high Building Energy Performance (BEP) for all our residential assets
  • Concerning our investments in PropTech and Smartliving companies, we concentrate on contributing to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 9, 11, 12, 13, and 15
  • Labels such as BREEAM, BeCorp, and SFDR 8 & 9 are integral components of our fund investments

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The Heynderickx family, having been fortunate and courageous in creating significant financial value through the efforts of four generations, now recognizes the importance of sharing and redistributing to those in greater need.

While it is challenging to select individuals to assist among the many deserving candidates, it is equally difficult to ensure that the funds are utilized effectively to provide genuine assistance to those in need.

Therefore, we have opted to prioritize support for the EPIC Foundation established by social entrepreneur Alexandre Mars in 2014.

Our commitment to EPIC commenced in 2020, and we are dedicated to sustaining this partnership over the long term.